iPaymy accepts all major credits cards

For credit cards issued in Singapore and Malaysia


2.25% of spend

For credit cards issued outside of the country that your account is registered with (international)


3.3% of spend

For all American Express cards (only available in Singapore)


3.3% of spend

Why does iPaymy charge a fee?

When you use your credit card at a store or when out to dinner, the merchant pays the cost of processing your credit card payment. However, with iPaymy you are paying your landlord, employees, or other merchants who either can't or don't want to pay the fees to accept credit card payments.

iPaymy opens up a whole new world of payment possibilities by providing our users with a platform that allows them to use their credit card to pay any expense, regardless of credit card acceptance. To do so, iPaymy acts as the merchant and pays a fee for every payment made. We have built an incredible network of partners, including all of the major credit card issuers and banks, which has allowed us to negotiate the lowest rates possible and pass those savings on to our users.

iPaymy is a secure platform. All of our payments are made using industry leading encryption over PCI compliant networks to ensure your privacy is protected.


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