Easily Use your Corporate Credit Card to Pay Rent, Salaries, Invoices, and More.

Manage Your Business' Cash Flow Like Never Before

Access to Interest Free Credit

No need to go through the hassle of getting a bank loan. Leverage up to 55 days of interest free credit with no penalties.

Flexible Payment Terms

Pay vendors immediately but
hold onto the cash for as long as your
business needs it.

Early Payment Discounts

Take advantage of early payment discounts and receive more favourable pricing from your suppliers.

Earn Rewards

Earn airline miles, program points, or cash back when paying with your
rewards credit card.

Tax Benefits

Reduce your taxes by claiming
all fees paid to iPaymy.

Improve your credit rating

Paying all of your invoices on your credit card is great for building your company’s credit rating.

Manage Payments on One Platform

With iPaymy you can pay all your vendors from a single platform.Plus, you can store and manage documents and invoices, view transaction history and schedule payments.

Set Recurring Payments and say goodbye to monthly bank transfers!

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I am very happy with iPaymy, it is a reliable and convenient way to pay rent and service providers, who may not otherwise accept credit card as a payment method. iPaymy opens up a lot of possibilities for how I can manage my cash flow.

- Mark from ABS Agency Business Solutions

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